Why Take the Leap From Employee to G.I. Tax Service Franchise Owner?

Why leap from employee to franchise ownership?

You may as well ask, why take the leap from renter to homeowner?

Sure, when you own your home, there are more responsibilities involved than when you just rent. But you own your home.

By the same token, when you own a business franchise, you are the employer, and you will be responsible for your employees. But you own your business!

There’s a prestige there.

Not only that, but your income will be commensurate with that ownership. And when your franchise is so well established that you can hire someone to run the business for you, you will reap the benefits of that financial freedom.

Increase in Income

By definition, an employer earns more than an employee. Sometimes substantially more.

This is of course only right, as the employer has to provide the employees with everything that it takes for them to do the jobs they’ve been hired for – the building in which to work, the utilities, the equipment and so on.

The employer also has to pay rent on the building, pay the utilities and pay off the equipment, ensure that one’s employees are well-trained, and ensure (by advertising) a steady supply of customers or clients.

But the income derived from owning one’s own business is usually worth that added responsibility.

Providing for your Family

If you own your own business, you have a ready-made opportunity for your children, or even other family members, to come into the business as well.

Your business can be passed down from generation to generation – assuming your children want to stay in the family business, of course – and you thereby assure that your children will indeed “do better” than their parents. And isn’t that the goal for every parent – to help ease the path so their children can be equally if not more successful in life?

Increase in Prestige

Business owners are able to support causes for which they have a passion – sponsoring youth sports teams, the Special Olympics, or other deserving causes.

Business owners can join their city’s Chamber of Commerce. They can network with other business owners and help guide their city into the future.

Financial Freedom

We mentioned in our beginning remarks the opportunity for financial freedom. Once your business is a success, you may well earn enough income that you can turn running the business over to a manager (such as one of your children, perhaps).

This enables you to step aside and pursue other interests, while your business provides you with passive income.

But Which Business to Own?

For all the reasons listed above, it’s important to establish a business that has a good chance of success. The way to do this is to start a business in a sector that has a proven track record.

According to research, tax preparation is one of the most profitable business sectors today. That makes sense because people will always have to have their taxes done.

But tax preparation companies, such as G. I. Tax Service, also provide year-round financial services, which translates into year-round income.

Rather than start a business from the ground-up, the easiest solution to owning your own business is to invest a turnkey franchise. With a franchise, all the “heavy lifting” has been done for you. You step into a proven business model that works.

Why not talk to a G. I. Tax Service representative today so that you can put yourself on the path to financial independence tomorrow?

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